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by Tapovan Pathshala

Tapovan Pathshala’s Audio Video Library of Jain Sutra with “arth”.

Teachers  can use Audio Visual Content from Tapovan Pathshala
&  inspire students to attempt Self assessment Tests on various courses.  Get Certified by Tapovan Pathshala.

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Well designed Courses

Each Sutra with Perfect Pronounciation,
Arth (meaning)  and with short intro are well organized for learner.

Complete Vidhi & Mudras explanation.

Samayik Sutro

Navkar to Saamaaeeya Vayjutto along with Vidhi &  meaning.

5 Pratikraman

5 Pratikraman Sutra with Vidhi & meaning.

Nav Tatva

Description of Jeev, Ajeev, Punya, Paap, Ashrav, Samvar, Nirjara & Moksh.

Samvad & Quiz

Join Samvad and Quiz activities which give meaningful directions to learning and practice.

2 Pratikraman

2 Pratikraman Sutro with vidhi & meaning.

Jeev Vichaar

Learn at e-pathashala, using zoom video app.

Laghu Sangrhhani

Jain Cosmology explains swarup of 14 Rajlok. Resourcefull Online course for all ages.

Youtube Channel

Tapovan Sanskrut Pathshala
many videos which explain Jaina and Jainism.

Shrut Gyan Treasure

Jin Shaashan carry rich heritage of  Shrut Gyan which is divided in to major 4 Anuyogs by Purvacharyo viz.
1. Kathaanuyog,
2. Ganitaanuyog,
3. Charana Karnanuyog,
4. Dravayaanuyog.
Gyan is precious like diamonds and pearls for our life. Let us preserve our rich heritage by doing Shrut – Gyan Aradhana – Sadhana in our daily life. 
Join Tapovan’s initiatives for Shrut Gyan Aradhana.

Learn by Practicing

We all learnt our first lessons as child from our parents. A small kid always learn to replicate the activities parents do. If  regularly mother is doing  Samayik , the kid is suppose to imitate her with his / her own Katasana, Muhapati, Ghadi  & Charavalo.  “Pass on our rich heritage to the generation next.”

Adopting the same concept we are motivating teachers and parents to organise more activities at Pathshala. Encourage children to participate in various activities like  Debates, Speech, play, Bhavna, Quizzes etc.

Register Today

If you are Teacher, Parent, Sangh karyakarta or trustees please register with Tapovan Pathshala.

Tapovan Pathshala is having rich heritage of such activities which we want to share with every Jain. Write to us with your contact details we will be glad to have wonderful people joining us from entire globe. Tapovan want to reach up to every Jain in India as well as abroad by effective use of internet and join every pathshala with Tapovan Pathshala.

Jin Shashan

Jin Shashan’s rich heritage is made available on internet for  every one in Bharat & abroad by Tapovan Pathshala’s continuous efforts, Shashan Samarpan and Sangh Bhavna.

With the precious blessings of Charam Tirthpati  Shashan Nayak Tribhuvan Tarak  Parmatma Mahavir Swami  & our beloved Guruma Yugpradhan Acharya sam Pa. Pu. Panayas Shree Chandrashekhar Vijayji M.S. presently our guide & mentor  Shrutgyan Premi Pa. Pu, Acahrya Shree Jeet Rakshit Surishwarji M.S.

We are committed to share Tapovan Pathshala’s

  • Knowledge
  • Expertise
  • Rich heritage with entire man kind.

Learn online at Tapovan-e-Pathshala. Many courses like Jeev Vichar, Prakaran, Bhashya, Sanskrut language classes from experienced teachers of Shree Premsuri Sanskrut Pathshala are conducted online by video meeting.

” Tapovan Pathshala is superb ! “

My pathshala came alive with the audio visual contents provided by Tapovan Pathshala. Now students are participating in various activities like drama, samvaad, quizzes etc.

Anoop bhai, Tapovan Pathshala


How to get certified by Tapovan Pathshala ?

Teachers of Pathshalas can attend our online courses and take attempt Quiz at the end of every topic. After successfully completing the syllabus you will get certificate from Tapovan Pathshala.

Can I use the audio Visual content for my students ?

Yes we want every learner across the globe ger benifits of our heritage.

What shall be the age limit ?

From a child of age 2 years to any age can learn the wonderfully designed sutra, arth and meanings.

What is the tradition of Learning ?

Our Tradition is to get Vachana from Muni Bhagvants. If that is not possible than learn at Pathshalas near by.

Can I learn on my own ?

Tapovan’s Pandits  undertake advance courses using latest technologies. Visit Tapovanepathshala.com for more details.

Teachers & Parents

Yes basic sutra & arth videos are designed to assist parents and teachers to teach shuddha sutra uchharan and meaning.

Need more information ?

Visit contact us page and submit the form we will send you the details on your email. Do aaasubscribe our news letter.