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  • 135 Jain Scholars
  • 2458 Students turned Professors
  • 54 Students Took Diksha

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshit

In the times when ignorance, chaos and darkness are spreading in all four directions, Cyclones of change are blowing, Values of humanity are being forgotten, Religion is being destroyed, Virtues, rites and culture are moving towards destruction if there is something that can save the world it is only and only real understanding. Knowledge of real religion “Dharma Gnyaan” only can make this earth blissful.

It now seems that only knowledge of religious scriptures is the unerring weapon. Shree Premsurishwarji Sanskrit Pathshala has been established for protection of virtues, rites and culture, for saving the legacy of religion and values of humanity, for protection of Jain Sangh and values of Jain Religion “Jain Religious knowledge, protection of good virtues, lessons of culture along with value filled education is being presented to all the members of the sangh to habituate them to the path of knowledge.

  • Comprehensive Syllabus

    In depth study for Panch Pratikraman, Prakaran, Bhashya, Karmagranth, Nyay and vyakran etc. Extraordinary training for English, Computer, Music, Karate, Dancing and all religious ceremony

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  • Talented Professors

    Our professors are empathy-builders because they focus on teamwork, cooperation, caring, kindness, service and the importance of getting along with each other. Children learn to be responsible citizens, they learn how to improve their communities and how to contribute to societal issues.

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  • Daily Schedule

    Our schedule follows a lean pattern which includes studies and extra-curricular activities. It is adjusted depending on the season and special occasions

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Who can join Tapovan Pathshala?

  • Who want to be teacher in Jain pathshala.
  • Who want to do depth study of Jainism and its philosophy.
  • Who want to teach Shadhu-Sadhviji Bhagwant.
  • Who want to do research on Jainism.(Jain Shastra)
Admissions Open - Join Now