Calligraphy Research Dept.

Let us all make the alive the Shrut.

The Jin Mandir and Jinagam are very much important in Jin Shasan. So far as Jin Mandir is concerned there is very much active awareness.

But there is a little active awareness in relation to Jinagam. Lakhs of manuals are available in Gyan bhandars of Jain sanghas written in ancient manuscript. At present, hardly single of these manuals are available. The great persons of ancient age had worked very hard day and night constructured several Granthas purely based on the nectar of the Agams. Many of those granthas were destroyed. At present very few granthas of Pujya Acharya Shri Hari Bhadra Suri, Pujya Shri Hemchandracharya and Pujya Mahopadhyay Shri Yashovijayji Maharaj Saheb etc.are available. Many Granthas were written in ancient manuscript. There is very much need to translate these Granthas in to modern manuscript. At the same time, the proper research is also simultaneously necessary. This is our polite effort towards this direction. Those who are interested in calligraphy, translation in different manuscript or in research work may contact this institution.Those who want to utilize the amount of general or Gyankhata ,may also contact this institution.

The Agam Granths were written in 560 AD in Vallbhipur. This manuscript work lasted for 13 years. The calligraphy department is in operation for three years. Here, the Agam Granthas are being written on Sanganeri papers through an ancient system of writing. The life of sangneri paper is 900 years to 1000 years. The chemicalless pure Deshi ink is being utilized for this work. The children are being imparted with the training of art of handwriting. It is called as calligraphy in the modern age. Free training is being given to those who are interested in this work of calligraphy. Depending upon the quality of handwriting the individual concern is being paid @ Rs .30/- to Rs.100/- per page.

For Development

  • Efforts should be made so that maximum persons can be made aware of the Calligraphy.
  • The Agam granths can be got written with the ink of silver or gold.
  • Each Shravak should get atleast one Agam written.
  • If there exist Agams there exist Shasan and Dharma.It is very much necessary to save Agams, to preserve them safely and to save this art from distruction. Shri Chetanbhai Bhojak has extended basic guidance in writing work of Agams.

Those who are interested in calligraphy or wont to learn calligraphy may contact us.