Sadhu-Sadhvi VidyaPith

At present in Jain Sangh, many Shasan Prabhavak Dikshas are being taking place as compared to earlier period. The brothers and sisters in Jain Sangh are celebrating and enjoying the Diksha samaroh with joy.This fact shows that there is significant progress of Jain Sang. After getting Diksha, Pujya sadhu-sadhviji Bhagvantas are very anxious to obey the instructions of parmata . For every pujya sadhu-sadhviji, it is very much important to follow the instructions of Prabhu which is as important as their soul.

But from where such understanding about the Direction of parmatma can be achieved? For this purpose dear Prabhu has decided the Svadhyay for five prahars (about 15 hours) for pujya sadhu sadhviji. Number of mahatmas desire to carry out this Svadhyay but this can not be carried out successfully due to various reasons. On receipt of polite request, a plan was submitted to Paramopakari, Shasan Prabhavak Panyaspravar Shri Chandrashekharji Maharaj Saheb and after his kind consent .Tapovan Sadhu-Sadhvi Vidhyapith has started its functioning under the able guidance of Pujya panyas Shri JitRakshitji Maharaj Saheb. Today this institution is functioning in various eight branches. Panditvarya Shri Priyankbhai Rameshbhai Shah (Diyodar) is now shouldering the responsibility of their co-ordination very successfully with the effective cooperation of Trusteevarya Shri Lalitbhai Dhami, Shri Piyushbhai Chauhan and Shri Amrishbhai Parikh

To co-operate Pujya Sadhu-Sadhviji Bhagvanto is a benefit of maha punyanubandhi punya. And as such to day this institution is preparing the several pujya sadhu-Sadhviji Bhagvantas and mumukshus.Those donors who have sent the amount of donation, have shown their loyalty towards Samyag Gyan. In future also those who desire to donate for the abhyas of Sadhu-Sadhviji, may contact the following. Shri Amrishbhai Parikh- 09825254754 (Sabarmati)

  • At present 150 Sadhu-Sadhviji are being trained. We desire to start more and more Sadhu-Sadhvi.
  • Vidyapiths so that the Sadhu -Sadhviji can get more Gyanabhyas. If anybody desire to open such vidhyalaya in their city, may contact us.

Tapovan Sadhu Sadhvi Vidyapith  professor shree

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